2. Digital Art

The majority of my work today is digital art. I draw and paint on my iPad Pro.

I don’t use photoshop or otherwise manipulate images; everything is original,  drawn by hand, by me.  The only difference in my art practice today compared to a few years ago is that I now draw on a sheet of glass instead of a sheet of paper.

What l love about creating digital art is that I can carry a complete art studio with me in my satchel.

You can buy fine art quality prints of my work. Limited edition prints are individually signed and numbered. Edition sizes are typically no more than 10.

A2 print $110.00 plus packaging and postage

A3 print $90.00  plus packaging postage

A4 print $75.00 plus packaging and postage

A5 print $60.00 plus packaging and  postage

Email me for details: