Well, flock me

We have 4 new additions to our flock. Pictured left to right; Marshmallow,  Shirley, Cadbury, and Meryl Sheep.

The white girls are Texel cross,  and the brown girl is a Dorper cross.


Slim Shady the Miniature HorseĀ 

Slim Shady the miniature horse arrived at the farm on the weekend,  to the girls joy.

Now I have learned in the past year that any equinuus caraballas less than 14.2hh is a pony.  Unless they are  a miniature horse,  in which case they are a horse. Why the contradiction? 

My reading on the topic is that ponies are naturally occurring, often specific breeds like Shetland ponies or Welsh Mountain ponies.  The miniature horse in contrast was developed in the 17th century as a toy for the European nobility.  They are like a bantamised horse and retain horse phenotypes.